New/Revised Semester Courses

MATH 135: Career Algebra
MATH 155: Applied Math for Computing (ICS) STAT 157: Applied Statistics for Computing (ICS)
MATH 193: Applied Math for Civil/Mech 2 (Civil/Mech)
MATH 251: Matrix Algebra for Engineers (Engineering Bridge) STAT 254: Probability and Statistics for Engineers (Engineering Bridge)
MATH 252: Applied Differential Equations (Engineering Bridge)

Old Quarter Course Archive

MATH 163 – logic and statistics (Comp)
MATH 172 – intermediate algebra (Access)
MATH 173 – algebra & trig (Access)
MATH 185 – calculus & linear algebra (Mech/Civil)
MATH 187 – calculus (Mech/Civil)
MATH 189 – DE and statistics (Mech/Civil)
MATH 254 is now called STAT 254

Interurban Math Lab

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