Current Courses

MATH 156: Math and Stats for Computing – logic and stats (ICS and IMD)

MATH 191: Applied Math for Civil/Mech 1 – differential calculus, linear algebra (Civil/Mech)

MATH 193: Applied Math for Civil/Mech 2 – integration, differential equations, and stats (Civil/Mech)

MATH 251: Matrix Algebra for Engineers – linear algebra (Engineering Bridge)

MATH 252: Applied Differential Equations – ordinary differential equations (Engineering Bridge)

STAT 254: Probability and Statistics for Engineers – stats (Engineering Bridge)

Obsolete Course Archive

MATH 135: Career Algebra

MATH 155: Applied Math for Computing (ICS)

STAT 157: Applied Statistics for Computing (ICS)

MATH 163: Mathematics for Computing – logic and statistics (CST)

MATH 172: Basic Technical Math 1 – intermediate algebra (Access)

MATH 173: Basic Technical Math 2 – algebra & trig (Access)

MATH 185: Math for Civil/Mech 1 – calculus & linear algebra (Mech/Civil)

MATH 187: Math for Civil/Mech 2 – calculus (Mech/Civil)

MATH 189: Math for Civil/Mech 3 – DE and statistics (Mech/Civil)

MATH 254 is now called STAT 254

Interurban Math Lab

Need extra help when I'm not around? Check out the Interurban Math Lab in Tech 142. Hours are listed here under College Prep and University Transfer. You can also get help via email or live chat via Microsoft Teams. Details in this link – scroll down to "Three ways to get the help you need" for more info.

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