Online Assignments

Online homework is accessed via the Camosun WeBWorK server.

I will be sending an email to the email address we have on file for you during the first week of classes with the current WeBWork URL and your login information. If you have not received this email in the first week, it is likely that the email address on file is incorrect or outdated, so please send me an email from your current account so that we can get you logged in ASAP!

Alternatively, you can log on using your Camosun student number as your ID (with the leading C and then seven digits), and use that same number for your password.

FAQ for WeBWorK

Here is my FAQ for the WeBWorK online homework system.

Homework (Recommended Problems)

These exercises are not to be handed in for marking. Instead, you are encouraged to work on these selected exercises as part of your studying for the course.

Textbook Corrections

Practice Questions

Adobe Reader logo Many course materials are available in the Adobe Acrobat PDF file format. To read and print PDF files, you will need to install the free Acrobat reader.