The textbook for this course is a set of course materials available via D2L.

Part 1, which covers Chapters 1 to 3, has been posted and is what you need to study for Test 1.

There are two versions: The one called "Stat254_Course_Materials_Part_1.pdf" contains the full text, exercises, and answers, while the one called "Stat254_Exercises_Part_1.pdf" contains the exercises and answers only.

The recommended exercises are posted to the Homework page.

Lecture Notes

Here are the lecture notes from Winter, 2019. They are a mixture of the lectures from Sections X01 and X02.

A former student has kindly typeset the lecture questions from last year – please note that the numbering of sections has changed and the lectures from Chapters 6 and 7 may be different.

Lecture notes from Winter, 2018 can be found here.


Handouts and Extra Materials

Further Web Resources

Classic statistics problems:

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